Health & Safety

It is the policy of this company:

  1. To ensure so far as reasonably practicable the health, safety and welfare at work of all its employees and others who may be affected by its operations.
  2. To prevent any adverse effects on the environment resulting from any activity, process or service undertaken or provided by the company.
  3. To undertake its activities, processes or services in compliance with existing and new health & safety and environmental legislation and related guidance notes issued by the Health and Safety Executive, Environmental Agency and other official bodies which may affect the works.
  4. To ensure that employees are informed and are fully aware of their responsibilities and are provided with the resources and training to achieve policy objectives.
  5. To maintain a planned and controlled environmental health & safety monitoring system by audit visits or other appropriate means for monitoring the effectiveness of operating procedures and working conditions.
  6. To cooperate with our clients and other interested parties to minimise any impact on the environment that our activities may have.
  7. To seek continuous improvement in the environmental and health & safety performance of the company.
  8. To cooperate with employees to achieve the objectives of the environmental, health & safety policy.

We stress that it is the duty of each employee, while at work, to take reasonable care of their own health and safety and for that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions. We require everyone to co-operate with the company to enable us to comply with the regulations.

A senior manager has been assigned responsibility for implementing and maintaining the objectives of this policy, irrespective of his other functions. On an annual basis, the managing director will review this policy and any amendments will be brought to the attention of the employees.

The company has a good environmental, health & safety record. The active cooperation of every employee is necessary to ensure that this standard is maintained and improved. The senior management of the company will provide unequivocal backing to all employees who endeavour to implement and carry out the requirements of the policy.



Tower Demolition Limited fully accepts its obligations to operate in accordance with the requirements of all current legislation and codes of practice relating to health and safety.

Compliance with legislation is regarded as the minimum requirement.

Tower Demolition Limited’s Health and Safety Policy confirms the company’s commitment to achieving the highest practicable standards of health and safety on all projects with which it is associated and to providing working conditions that are safe and healthy for all employees and for those under the company’s control.

The effectiveness of Tower Demolition Limited’s Health and Safety Policy relies heavily on the competency and cooperation of company employees. Every employee has the personal responsibility for implementing the Health and Safety Policy and applying safe systems of work.

The requirements of the Health and Safety Policy are documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees with the intent that they are made aware of their individual OH& S obligations.

Ultimate responsibility for health and safety lies with Tower Demolition Limited’s Managing Director who, supported by the company’s Health and Safety Director and external Health and Safety Consultant, ensures that adequate resources, advice and training are provided to deliver the objectives of the Health and Safety Policy. Performance is reviewed on a regular basis along with proposals for continuous improvement.

Underpinning Tower Demolition Limited’s Health and Safety Policy is the company’s Safety Management System which provides the framework for setting and reviewing OH&S objectives. It is built and developed around the company’s core operations and comprises a suite of procedures and forms used to ensure the highest level of health and safety practice is maintained on Tower Demolition Limited’s projects.

Tower Demolition Limited’s Health and Safety Policy and SMS are reviewed annually or sooner should measures need to be taken to ensure their full effectiveness.

This policy will be made available to all interested parties.

Health & Safety

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