Project Description

Exchange Court, Covent Garden, London

The surrounding area has a mixture of retail and commercial premises with a high density of cafes, restaurants and bars, so care had to be taken to minimise noise, vibrations and dust nuisance during the works. Neighbourhood relations were planned and executed to achieve a harmonious environment that ensured the project was completed in budget and earlier than the programme schedule.

The construction of the internal offices is plasterboard and masonry walls within a masonry/brick structure. Before the works were carried out, Tower Demolition coordinated a Demolition and Refurbishment Survey to identify the presence of asbestos and plan its subsequent removal.

The site setup and service disconnections were completed and temporary lighting and 110v power was installed. Tower Demolition continued with the soft strip and removal of fixtures and fittings from the internal offices, and the removal of all M&E equipment internally.

The main H&S issue was asbestos removal, with the access and egress to site being a narrow alleyway via Exchange Court off Maiden Lane in Covent Garden, in close proximity to the public who could have been subject to noise and dust.

All the soft strip arisings were removed from site via plastic rubble bags which were then put into 660 litre wheelie bins and loaded into a compactor lorry for removal from site. All recyclable materials such as wood and metal were segregated from all other arisings and taken away for recycling.

To achieve 100% success Tower Demolition Limited always ensure that all operatives working on site receive a Health and Safety induction prior to commencing work, and regular meetings are held between all those working on site to exchange information on project progress, health and safety matters.

Project Details


Covent Garden Exchange Limited




8 Weeks



  • Refurbishment & Demolition Survey

  • Asbestos removal

  • Services Disconnections

  • Scaffolding

  • Crane Lift

  • Soft Strip

  • Top Down Demolition

  • On-site Segregation/ Recycling

  • Temporary Structural Support Design

  • Temporary Support Installation

  • 95% Recycling

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