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Rollit House, Islington, London

Rollit House, located in Rollit Street in the London Borough of Islington, contains 21 residential dwellings spread over four storeys. The building is constructed from loadbearing brickwork walls supporting concrete floor slabs and balconies. The 4th floor dwellings are duplexes, the upper level being housed within the mansard roof of the building, which has dormers and is finished with clay tiles. The roof structure bears directly onto the loadbearing brickwork walls below and comprises timber rafters tied at 4th floor ceiling level with timber joists, together with timber ridge beams supported on the communal brickwork chimney breasts.

The majority of the roof structure suffered fire damage, ranging from severe in the vicinity of the fire’s suspected origin, to moderate in more distant areas. In the most severely fire-damaged areas numerous timber rafters and tie joists were destroyed, in addition to sections of the timber ridge beam where it connects to the brickwork chimney breasts. This significantly compromised the lateral stability and overall structural integrity of the roof structure. The brickwork chimney breasts, whilst suffering from surface charring in some locations, exhibited no visible evidence of structural damage.

Tower Demolition were Instructed by West Gate to undertake an asbestos refurbishment & demolition survey and removal, clear debris to alleviate weight from the floor slab closest to seat of fire, progressively cut and remove exposed fire damaged roof timbers, hand demolish the remaining roof structure and progressively clear and demolish remaining non- supporting internal clinker walls, soft strip and remove debris from all units.

This project has been completed to contract programme and defect free, with minimal impact imposed on local residents and businesses.

Project Details


West Gate Limited




10 Weeks



  • Refurbishment & Demolition Survey

  • Asbestos removal

  • Soft Strip

  • Demolition

  • On-site Segregation/ Recycling

  • 94% Recycling

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Rollit House

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