St. Edmunds Terrace, Primrose Hill, London NW8

The St Edmund’s Terrace project was located to the south of Primrose Hill Park and involved a number of buildings including a four-storey block of flats built in the 1970s. The building was constructed of a reinforced concrete frame with masonry cladding, supported off piled foundations. Tower Demolition worked closely with CIT, EC Harris and Thames Water Utilities Ltd (TWUL) as the site was occupied by a multitude of Thames Water assets including Barrow Hill Reservoir. These resulted in many of the site and demolition constraints.

After the asbestos removal and strip-out phase of the works, the demolition was carried out remotely using a 45ton 360º excavator. The resulting hard core was crushed and stock piled on site for re-use by Mace, the main contractor.  A two-storey domestic residence consisting of two semi-detached properties, constructed on piles and a ring beam. Its proximity to a 900mm cast iron underground mains water supply, meant everything had to be saw cut and carefully removed to a safe location away from the underground pipe, prior to breaking and crushing.  A remote vibration alarm monitoring system was in place during the entire project.

A single storey workshop of masonry construction supported off mass concrete strip footings, with a timber joisted roof was the final phase of the project for Tower Demolition. Adjacent to this building was another underground water mains supply pipe, which ran beneath the concrete road which was to remain. During demolition Tower Demolition protected the road with crash boards and tyres to remove any risk of damaging the underground water mains supply pipe. Extreme care was taken to minimise noise, vibrations and dust nuisance, extensive vibration monitoring took place during the demolition works to protect the underground main water pipes serviced by the reservoir.

Two access routes were maintained throughout the demolition process, and were available for use at all times by Thames Water Utilities Ltd (TWUL).

Project Details






12 Weeks



  • Refurbishment & Demolition Survey

  • Asbestos removal

  • Soft Strip

  • Service Disconnections

  • Scaffolding

  • On Site Crushing

  • Remote Vibration Monitoring

  • Total Demolition

  • Working Around Live Water Main

  • 97% Recycled

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