Tower Demolition can use methods of controlled demolition which cut down the noise and dust impact on the site and its surroundings

Concrete bursting is a safe and efficient silent demolition method, used for removing or weakening reinforced and mass concrete, brickwork and stone. Vibration-free hydraulic bursters are inserted into pre-drilled holes, then expanded to cause controlled cracking of materials, reducing them to manageable pieces for removal. The process can be used in confined spaces without risk.

Concrete crunching is an effective method to carry out controlled demolition of concrete and other materials, reducing it to rubble in crunchers by means of hydraulic pressure. Work can be carried out quickly, quietly and with very little vibration or dust. We have a range of machines from some with a crushing power of 45 tons right down to hand-held crunchers which can be used in sensitive areas or when access is restricted.

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