Tower Demolition offers a full range of specialist site remediation and decontamination services for:

  • Petrol stations
  • Redundant farm tanks
  • Petrochemical sites
  • Brownfield sites

According to government statistics, the UK has over 400,000 hectares of contaminated land, much of it an unwanted legacy from the Industrial Revolution. Land for building is in great demand so clean up of brownfield sites has become a huge priority.

Conventional site clearance and groundworks through to site remediation are on offer at Tower Demolition, making use of the latest techniques in treating contaminated materials to avoid disposal to landfill. This, we achieve either in situ or off site. Processes include:

  • De-commissioning and dismantling
  • De-gassing and cleaning of redundant chemical storage plants or fuel tanks (both above and below ground)
  • Environmental cleaning of polluted buildings, including removal of rubbish, sharps and guano
  • Removal of CFC gases and refrigerants from air-conditioning units and industrial refrigeration units
  • Soil and ground remediation, including oil and knotweed contamination

As always, we guarantee a safe, efficient and cost-effective service with minimum disruption to surrounding businesses and residents. Our work eliminates the human and environmental health risks associated with contaminated sites, restoring them to their original state as far as possible.

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