An award-winning reputation in the industry ensures that, with Tower, you will always be offered the highest standard of demolition solutions. Our teams have many years’ experience and excellent industry knowledge; all take advantage of our status as CPD provider to develop their expertise. This, combined with a highly dedicated and skilled workforce, enables us to complete even the most complex and challenging projects safely, successfully, within budget and on time.

In an industry that has advanced exponentially in the last decade with pioneering methods and machinery, constantly evolving legislation and codes of practice, we are always aware that the safety both of our operatives and the general public is paramount.

With each one of our projects, we are mindful of the need to minimise disruption to nearby businesses and neighbourhoods, and to the environment in general. It is a matter of pride to us that 95% of the materials removed from all our sites is either reused or recycled, reducing to near zero the need to use costly and environmentally damaging land-fill.

To achieve the desired outcome requires a high degree of planning and innovation to overcome the technical challenges, alongside a careful and co-ordinated approach, in collaboration with the local community, government agencies and other stakeholders.

We offer a single-source solution, taking our clients from the project’s inception, through the demolition process itself, regardless of the complexity and value of the project, to the re-instatement of the site if required. We undertake:

  • production of construction environmental management plans
  • assessment by specialist demolition, structural, temporary works and hazardous substances surveyors
  • meticulous planning and selection of appropriate machinery

With every project, we strive for perfection; you are assured of industry-leading standards.

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