Tower Demolition offers a full range of specialist diamond drilling and diamond sawing services to accommodate the ever-increasing need in regenerating existing structures.

Diamond stitch drilling is a versatile and efficient method of making overlapping holes to form openings of any shape and size, in a wide range of hard materials, from heavily reinforced concrete, stone and blockwork to fragile terrazzo tiles. The procedure can be used across every plane—vertical, horizontal, angled and inverted. It’s an effective, quiet, dust and splinter-free alternative to demolishing and breaking.

Diamond floor sawing is a fast, safe and efficient way of slicing through hard horizontal surfaces such as heavily reinforced concrete or asphalt, including roads and pavements.  Our range of high output precision equipment gives clean edges quickly and quietly, with no fumes, so we can work in places such as shops, factories and hospitals where speed and an appreciation of the sensitive nature of the location is vital. With a vast range of floor saws, it’s possible for us to cut to almost any length, width and depth required by our clients.

Our Clients