Tower Demolition specialises in town and city-centre demolition contracts.

To maintain the feel and character of an area, many local authorities now require the exterior fabric of existing buildings to be preserved. Interiors can be completely repurposed and adapted to meet contemporary expectations, but the outside must remain looking just as it always has. At Tower, we are skilled in carrying out such delicate operations, pleased to contribute to our nation’s heritage.

We provide designs, technical drawings and equipment for the fabrication, supply and installation of steel façade retention schemes. To respect delicately poised buildings, we use a system of concrete Kentledge counterweight blocks which are formed on site. Fabricated steel columns, bracings and whalings are installed to take the existing load from the building during demolition.

Our experienced team employs innovative solutions for every project—from simple propping through to complex structures for multi-storey buildings, which is a vital part of many inner-city redevelopment initiatives.

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