At Tower Demolition, we have a well-earned reputation for our design and installation of temporary works—for example, structural shoring and jacking to protect the integrity of a building or adjacent infrastructure. Our expert teams take into consideration the current condition of a building, the immediate surroundings, and nearby edifices, working hard to minimise impact and optimise safety. We carry professional indemnity insurance on all temporary works design, for your peace of mind.

These works may require the input of specialist structural engineers to meet the requirements of Party Wall Awards. To comply with these agreed guidelines about how the work should progress requires an exceptional level of innovative design experience and an eye for detail.

Temporary works we undertake at Tower include:

  • raking props – lateral support to a single wall
  • flying shores – horizontal support for parallel party walls when the building between them is removed
  • diagonal struts – transfer shear to the supports
  • dead shores – simple vertical support
  • wailings – horizontal timber beams for side support
  • king post wall – a borehole filled with concrete forming a base for an H pile
  • sheet piling – steel sheets with interlocking edges to retain soil
  • façade retention schemes including Kentledge

Structural steel, scaffolding and combinations of proprietary lightweight pre-formed sections are frequently used, for bespoke solutions.  We manufacture most of the steelwork in our own workshops, allowing us to respond quickly to urgent and unexpected demands from our sites.

Tower Demolition is expertly conversant with the problems associated with party wall and basement support works. We are frequently employed by architects, engineers and construction companies to carry out preliminary exploratory works, totally independent of our demolition contracts.

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